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100% grassfed beef
Family owned and operated
Serving the community and protecting the environment

D Central Farms is owned and operated by the Markazi Family. We maintain our own breeding stock of certified Polled Hereford cows and bulls. The calves are born and raised on our own pastures in a humanely and environmentally sustainable manner.

Our cattle are 100% grassfed with hay grown exclusively on our farm. We know that our cows have never consumed any herbicides or pesticides, since we do not apply them on our fields. Our cows drink well water from our property and are supplemented with only salt and minerals. They live on pasture and have acces to spacious shelters to protect them from extreme weather. We monitor each cow's health beginning with their conception, gestation, and birth on our farm.

Mac, farm manager

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D Central Farms

2224 Deep Cut Road

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